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The idea of having a group to help people in the field of health and education has been with me for a long time. Being a native of a developing country, Nepal, where most of the people are below the poverty line, I have always felt that education is the primary tool to improve various aspects of society. Formal education can erase the class lines that separate society and make us all equal. An educated person is better able to understand the complexities of this world, think critically, and work collaboratively with others to develop solutions. Education will increase awareness about health, economics, and other elements needed for the development of society. Educating those who seek knowledge can change society at the most basic level and raise awareness about some of the challenges that the world faces. Unfortunately, not everyone can forge the same path and secure a future filled with prosperity. This is why I have chosen to raise awareness about the benefits of education and dedicate my life to this purpose. Those who seek formal training need to be lifted, mentored, and have their curiosity cultivated. Similarly, I believe everyone should have access to health care. A healthy educated person can be a great asset to society, their country, and humanity.


Dipen Kadaria, MD

President, Danfe Foundation



Denver, CO


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