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COVID 19 Relief Effort/Oxygen Concentrator Distribution

Danfe foundation continued its effort to help Nepal and its people during Covid 19 pandemic. Danfe foundation in coordination with NCCDF Nepal, and other local physicians and personnel distributed a total of 85 oxygen concentrators in various parts of Nepal. Out of 85, 35 were purchased by money raised in GOFUNDME by Dipen Kadaria, and the rest were paid by Danfe Foundation and its members. 

Those oxygen concentrators were very useful in treating patients in these remote locations where there were no/ limited other sources of oxygen supplementation.

Respiratory Therapy Scholarship Program at NWCC, MS















Danfe Foundation has established a  respiratory therapy scholarship program at Northwest Mississippi Community College at Senatobia, MS starting August, 2019. Every year this scholarship will sponsor graduating respiratory therapy students with financial hardship for credentialing process through the National Board of Respiratory Care. Guidelines has been established to select the appropriate candidates in need.

Other projects

1. Danfe foundation in collaboration with local physicians is distributing PPE (personal protective equipments) to medical personnels, patients and patient parties in Chitwan, Nepal

2. Danfe foundation has partnered with GAA to run soup kitchen in kathmandu

3. Danfe foundation has contributed to COVID 19 healthworkers support organization

Educational Video on Covid 19

Danfe foundation in partnership with NCCDF Nepal has made an informational video regarding important aspects of COVID 19. Mr. Madan Krishna Shrestha, Hari Bansha Acharya, and Yaman Shrestha graciously agreed to be part of the video to communicate the message along with Dr. Subhash P Acharya. This informational video will be shown on national television channels and also will be shared on social media to get the message to the general public. We hope this message will help us make the general public aware of various aspects of this disease. We appreciate Mr. Madan Krishna Shrestha, Hari Bansha Acharya, Yaman Shrestha, and Dr Subhash Acharya for helping us make this video.

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